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Tsietsi and children at an orpanage

Adventist Pioneer Writings

Adventist pioneers, are the men and women who through intense study, devotion to God and His work, laid the foundations of the church I belong to. Adventist Pioneer Writings is a small project, through which I wanted to try and share the works of those who have gone before.

Might not progress much further with it, will improve the app version more.

Sure Word Bible

SureWord Bible is a work in progress of a website through which I hope to be able share content that helps people get a better understanding of God and His word.

With so many churches, and interpretations of what is considered Bible truth, how does one really know what is truth? Well, the answer is in allowing the Bible to explain itself, and that is what SureWord Bible desires to do.

Tsietsi the Missionary

Tsietsi the Missionary, I guess that says what I consider myself to be. is my - oh so poorly maintained blog - but hopefully will change soon, when I can post more about missionary work that I do.

The simple goal in my life is to live in such a way, that my existence will help to leave the world, or at least someone's life, a bit better.

Poetry By Tsietsi

In addition to being a software programmer and a missionary, I am also a poet; I don't do much rendition, but I write a lot. Poetry by Tsietsi is the home for all my literary works, might expand the content type over time, but we'll see.

Feel free to visit and check out what I have written. I write mostly on Christian themes, so I hope you will be blessed by the content shared there.