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engaging software

You have compelling content that you would like to showcase with a website, TMC can help in making the user experience such that they would find it easier to be engaged with; or you may want a simple site designed, it is my aim to make even that which is little prove an enjoyable experience to your users.


scalable software

You may be a small or medium business, with aspirations of growing your enterprise, you will therefore need a website, that can scale, and still prove a smooth experience for your users whether its 1000 or 100,000 users visiting your site. TMC builds sites from the ground up that have capacity to scale easily with your company.


responsive software design

How will your users be accessing your site? Through their smart phone, tablet or PCs? Whichever device they use, it is important that they will have a good experience browsing your site, thus all websites that TMC produces it seeks to provide a responsive design - a design that adapts itself depending on how your site is browsed.



software design services

If you would like to have a more appealing interaction for your users that visit you through their mobile devices an app might just be for you. TMC provides UX/UI design that will make your app enjoyable, and a software design that will make it responsive thus providing a seemless experience.


Native android develepment

Android is the most widely used mobile OS, spanning from HTC, Sony Ecrisson to Samung and many other devices. Thus if you would like to provide your Android mobile users a much richer experience, TMC provides Android native development.



Static Websites
Design & Development
Cost (upto 4 pages) R2000
Cost (For each extra page) R600
Dynamic (Updateable) Websites
Design & Development
*Cost - Quote based on estimated development time.

App Development

Design & Development
*Cost - Quote based on estimated development time.
* - Free consultation to help clarify required website or app, then a fixed quote will be given there after.